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"Boulevard of wonders" is in the Kriviy Rih

From 16th December there is Circus Chinizelli, Kriviy Rih State Circus and Italian circus " ORPHEUS" present the new scale European new-year show


DECEMBER 16, 2017 - JANUARY 14, 2018

cashdesk: 92-88-68; (097, 073, 099) 307-09-08; administrators: 096-470-26-88, 099-373-82-80 (tickets online)

Chart of presentations : Saturday, Sunday : 12: 00 and 15: 30

All in Ukraine, wait new-year holidays, and more all, certainly children. In these days we present the new-year spectacle of the European format is "Boulevard of Wonders", for that artists are invited from Italy, Hungary and Ukraine, frequent prizewinners of prestige international circus festivals : air gymnasts, tightrope walkers, juggler, real magician, are the Italian magician and certainly train animals at the head with an elephant by Maya, that expected Kriviy Rih 15 more than. This will be the real enchanting show during that it is possible to forget about problems and dipped in the real new-year fairy-tale. The real waiting room of Saint Nikolay will work in the lobby of circus, where you will be able to pass the new-year letters and think the cherished desires.


The trained elephant Maya under the leadership of the representative of the oldest circus dynasty of Europe, Belush Takach.

An elephant somersaults in a riding hall, becomes on a trunk, waves a flag and other great deal. it is Character for her almost as for a little girl that wants to play with all. Very sociable, playful and loves children, - Belush Takach tells, trainer of Maya. A circus is a domestic matter of Takach`s. Yet the ancestors of Belush Takach and his brothers began to engage in this business. And though the defenders of animals actively argue against their demonstration on an arena, Belush explains that here not whoever beats unmercifully and does not humiliate animals, in fact they are large circus family members.

- It is impossible to convey how much we love them, how we care for them: feeding by the hour, bath procedures. Even when we are on the road, the first thing that worries us is to give them water and feed them,- Belush Takach accentuates.

The big Italian circus family, the owners of the "Silver Clown" at the most prestigious international circus festival in Monte Carlo - Lara, Moira, Walter, Alex and Michel Orphey Nones Malachikina.

Italian artists for the first time in Ukraine represent the numbers in which they roll hula hoops on the globe, walk around the arena on their hands on long canes (equilibria), perform acrobatic power tricks. Well, the real feature of this talented, multi-age and multi-faceted family is the "Illusion" of the famous David Cooperfield - the disappearance of a man in an arena and his instant appearance in the auditorium. If you have already tried to unravel the secrets of these mystical tricks, you have a great chance, to try to understand and understand the incomprehensible anew..

"Trained dogs" by Alla Emishian.

Young and enthusiastic poodles impeccably perform interesting tricks and will certainly please you with their skills.

Air gymnastic number on the trapezium in the performance of Martha Wislotska

This air ballet is truly breathtaking. Very harmonious, beautiful and elegant number. Complex and at the same time graceful tricks of our artist will conquer your hearts for a long time.

The whole show will entertain you with the clown duo "Tet-a-tete"

Clown's duet of Maria and Yury Tereshkin will be pleased with his sparkling humor and merry reprises not only of children, but also of the most serious adult spectators. Duet "Tet-a-tet" is known and loved by viewers from the countries of the former CIS, as well as in Germany, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, Japan and the UAE. Our artists bring joy and good mood to people of different ages, speaking different languages and belonging to different cultures.

Staggering show-ballet

World-class show, unsurpassed performances of the best artists, a large number of trained animals, show ballet, 200 models of chic costumes, incredible special effects, laser show, modern lighting and equipment, professional sound and much more!


Circus Chinizelli - more than just a circus!

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Advance booking of tickets available for 2 weeks before the date of the show.

Payment on the official website - partner.