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"Elephants and strong people" in Lviv

Since October 29 in the Lviv State Circus
within the framework of the all-Ukrainian tour begins its work

new show

Circus Chinizelli



Only the famous artists were allowed to perform under the arches of the Circus Chinizelli.

cashbox: 238-53-30, 098-715-68-68

WWW.KASA-LVIVCIRK.COM (tickets online)

Schedule of presentations: Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 and 16:00

Fahreddin Ahnazarov – one of the strongest man of the globe
  • Always standing ovation!!
  • 29-times Guinness World Record holder, his most famous record - in UAE he pulled 8 heavy trucks only with his teeth.Queen of the United Kingdom, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Bush applauded him. He performed on the Oscars Red Carpet.
  • Fahreddin does something that ordinary people can not do. On the arena, you will see how the artist lifts his weight 500 kg with teeth, as a three-ton car drives through him, as he pulls and lifts a huge elephant with his teeth!

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Tuichi Khan - Golden Prize winner of the International Festival of Arts in Korea 2005, laureate of international competitions of illusionists in Germany.

Circus artist, successfully combining work in the genres of illusion and clownery. His name is inscribed in the "Best book of the famous tricks" 2007. The illusionist has been on tour in more than 30 countries of the world !!! You will see in his performance the most dangerous trick of HARRY GUDINI "Liberation under water". To date, Tuichi Khan is the ONLY WORLDWIDE performer of this super-dangerous stunt!

Sergei Neklec - Outstanding gymnast on belts and fire juggler.

"Man of Fire" will demonstrate an incendiary dance with burning torches - Fair Show - this is a direction that includes elements of juggling, pyrotechnics and .... shamanism, recently entered into circus art, because only now it is allowed to make modern technology fire fighting.

Liana and Mikhail Moskalev`s - Masters of an instantly elusive change of costumes right in the arena in front of the audience.

Oleg Spigin - a famous air gymnast on the shtain-trape
The only performer of the trick in the world: stand on the teeth upside down on the matte path with an intense twist of the trapeze in the air. It's spectacular, with an exciting stunt part number. Thanks to the professionally constructed plot, the performance looks at one go, and it's not surprising, because the number, in addition to grandiose tricks and beautiful music, complements the comic. This is one of the most favorite numbers of the public, and not only adults, but also children.

"The trained dog-dalmatians" under the leadership of Nina Boyko.
  • The famous trainer Nina Boyko has been training her dogs for about twenty years. In the numbers only "girls" are involved - the trainer admits that it is easier to work with them. If poodles have long been considered circus dogs, then from dalmatians, Nina Boyko was dissuaded for a long time: after all, they are very difficult to train. But she took a chance - and every trick led by Nina Boyko to four-legged artists is a joy. Wagging their tails, they dance, jump, tumbling and just enjoy themselves.

The trained elephant Maya under the leadership of the representative of the oldest circus dynasty of Europe, Belush Takach.

Elephant somersaults in an arena, becomes on the trunk, waving a flag and much more. - Her character is almost like a little girl who wants to play with everyone. She is very sociable, playful and loves children, - says Belush Takach, the trainer of Maya. The circus is the family business of the Takachis. Even the ancestors of Belush and his brothers began to deal with this matter. And although animal advocates actively oppose their demonstration in the arena, Belush explains that he does not beat or demean animals, because they are members of a large circus family.

- It is impossible to convey how much we love them, how we care for them: feeding by the hour, bath procedures. Even when we are on the road, the first thing that worries us is to give them water and feed them, "Belush Takach accentuates.

Magnificent dancers

High level show, great performances of the best artists, many trained animals, incredible dancers, 200 models of costumes, laser show, modern lighting and sound equipment.

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Chinizelli circus - more than just circus!

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Advance booking of tickets available for 2 weeks before the date of the show.

Payment on the official website - partner.