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"Striped Cruise" in Dnipro

From the 28th of October Circus Chinizelli and Dnipro State Circus
within the framework of the all-Ukrainian tour with the participation of 50-animals begins its work

New Ukrainian-Italian show



cashbox: 744-86-59, ticket bureau :744-77-25; administrators: 744-88-78, 067-280-79-05 (tickets online)

Schedule of presentations: Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 and 15:30

In the program take part:

Julia and Nikolai Kozyrev`s - real stars and leading trainers of the National Circus of Ukraine present to your attention two attractions at once: "Lions and Tigers" and "Mixed Animal Group"
You are expected by an unforgettable trip in the world of fauna - simultaneously on an arena 5 tigers and 5 lions that as obedient kittens execute all pointing of the owners - hurry on back paws, somersault and jump through a fiery ring. The second number is the most interesting raising consisting of train animals from different continents : nosue, porcupines, foxes, goats, rats, cats, dogs, lamas, wild boars, foxes, ferrets. And all of it is seasoned by a humour and real artistry.

The great Italian circus family, the owners of the "Silver Clown" at the most prestigious international circus festival in Monte Carlo - Lara, Moira, Walter, Alex and Michel Orphey Nones Malachikine.

Italian artists for the first time in Ukraine represent the numbers in which they roll hula hoops on the globe, walk around the arena on their hands on long walking sticks (equilibria), perform acrobatic power tricks. Well, the real feature of this talented, multi-age and multi-faceted family is the "Illusion" of the famous David Cooperfield - the disappearance of a man in an arena and his instant appearance in the auditorium. If you have already tried to unravel the secrets of these mystical tricks, you have a great chance, try to understand and understand the incomprehensible again.

The "Trained dogs" are under the direction of Alla Emishyan.

Youths and zealous poodles expressly execute the most interesting tricks and sure will make happy you by the abilities.

Air gymnastic number on the trapezium in the performance of Martha Wislocka

From this air ballet in truth takes breath away. Very harmonious, beautiful and elegant number. The difficult and simultaneously graceful tricks of our artiste will overmaster your hearts for a long time.

The whole show will entertain you with the clown duo "Tet-a-tete"

Clown's duet of Maria and Yury Tereshkin will be pleased with his sparkling humor and merry reprises not only of children, but also of the most serious adult spectators. Duet "Tet-a-tet" is known and loved by viewers from the countries of the former CIS, as well as in Germany, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, Japan and the UAE. Our artists bring joy and good mood to people of different ages, speaking different languages and belonging to different cultures.

Staggering show-ballet

Show world-class, unsurpassed performances of the best artists, more than 50 trained animals, show ballet, 200 models of chic costumes, incredible special effects, laser show, modern lighting and equipment, professional sound and much more!


Circus Chinizelli - more than just circus!

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Advance booking of tickets available for 2 weeks before the date of the show.

Payment on the official website - partner.