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Saturday, 18 March 2017 14:01

"African Passions" brought spring to Kryvyi Rih.

It's spring again on the calendar, it's still cold in the mornings, and it's hot in the daytime. It's not for nothing that spring is called a "very fastidious girl." Perhaps also there will be a short-term cooling, but our program "African passions", like a real anticyclone will not leave any chance of bad weather and bad mood. The weather forecasters promised us a long winter, but for weeks now we have been witnessing the arrival of this spring in the territory of Krivbass. The anticyclone is approaching!
The new program of our circus has already visited several large cities of Ukraine and gave our viewers warmth in their hearts and hot summer breath in the cold autumn and snowy frosty winter. Spring always pleases us with its holidays and this year we propose to start another one - a holiday of fun, admiration and fine mood. On March 11, the "African Passions", having moved to the center of the country from the south, from Odessa, and will warm our favorite audience in Kryvyi Rih with their warmth. This holiday lasts several weeks and when it comes to an end, we are already waiting for this April heat. And since forays to nature are not very relevant, come to visit us at the Kryvyi Rih State Circus. We have something to surprise you. To your attention a lot of unusual and original numbers. Impeccable performance of the most complicated tricks by our aerial gymnasts and acrobats. A large number of different exotic animals from different parts of the world. Very incendiary and original African dances and games of our Kenyan stars. Stunning and charming clowness entertains the audience with its unique and very funny reprises, understandable to both kids and adults. Show-ballet, special effects, laser show, the whole van of new, chic costumes, the most modern lighting equipment, professional sound and much more is attached. A nice and warm spring you together with the Chinizelli Circus!

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