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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 19:07

We are in Odessa!

In every city there are places that are associated with this city. In these places it is almost impossible to find a random person. The famous opera - their fans, in historical and thematic museums - their own. Creative restaurants and bars, creating their own traditions and their institutions in attracting ideas that bright events attracted to local residents and visitors. But there is a place in Odessa, which has been 123 years and loved by all interested inhabitants of Odessa and guests of the city. This Odessa State Circus.

January 25, 1894, the opening of the oldest circus in Ukraine, and we congratulate all of this, even if not very round, but such a beautiful and solid date. Full house for all of us! We are very pleased to be here again, submitting to your attention our program "African passion". The program is rich and original, as well, always. Coloring sultry Africa and the passion with which our artists perform their numbers will keep you warm for a whole month of our tour in Odessa. Interesting and exciting show will not leave a trace of your bad mood. Masterly performance of our artists complicated tricks will make you hold your breath, then exhale, then freeze again, and so will a lot of time. And who is not Odessans are capable of a lot of fun to joke and laugh as fun. Our "Clown in a skirt" amuse you from the heart. Bright and sparkling reprise, no doubt, will please anyone.
And since we mentioned about the traditions and in our circus "Chinizelli" there is one. Following the presentation of one of the spectators and actors not to go home and dressing room, and continue to have fun together in the arena on a makeshift disco. All of our viewers this tradition is very loved and we also invite you to join. We are proud to once again have the honor to present its program to the public respected Odessa, we love your smelling the fresh sea breeze and the city know that this love is mutual. After all, any "circus artists" you will say that Odessa - is a circus town and the circus here understand and love. We are waiting for you to look at our ideas and we are sure that you all very much!

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