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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 18:47

January 28 comes Chun cze 2017

And it was the first day of the Eastern New Year, we are pleased to present to you, dear habitants of the Kryvyi Rih, our program titled "Golden Circus of Europe and Asia".

Although the East New Year is a traditional holiday of the residents in high places, but it is celebrated with more and more countries and people every year. Here we are on this day was not chosen randomly. After all, in the tradition of celebrating New Year's east is the first day of the most festive, loud and noisy. Moreover, it is believed. that the louder will be a holiday, the happier and more joyful in a year. After all, the people in high places think that the noise, laughter and joy distilled from the house all the negativity and unhappiness. We also wish every success to our program, and notices in Kriviy Rih, the same as in other cities, and we invite you to celebrate with us. Starting the day with a celebratory feast, and after all is usually sent to the guests. We do not encourage you to celebrate the Chun cze, but we focus on this to your attention and be sure to wait for me to visit. And on account of some fun, make some noise and laugh - because it is, we just guarantee. As with any holiday, the eastern New Year to give gifts, but the small, non-serious, symbolic.For example::

* cards with wishes, kind words, and tickets to the circus :)

* red envelopes, of course, with tickets to the circus :)

* various souvenirs and sweets can be bought in the lobby of the Kriviy Rih circus and presents your family :)))

And the gifts should be paired, so take the spouses and children, and if you still unpaired number, invite family friends and neighbors. We are waiting for you to come and visit and promise all, and young and old, will be satisfied, happy and cheerful. Gift for all of you from our circus will be exciting, virtuoso tricks, the most beautiful and unique number, laser shows, special effects, colorful costumes, gorgeous show ballet and of course our pleasure to meet with you.

P.S.From 27 to 28 January Red Monkey give protection over the world Fiery Rooster. It represents a constant upward movement, different insistent desire for success and self-improvement, has an unbeatable optimism and energy. So in 2017 you need to safely discard uncertainty and doubt, do not be afraid of changes and confident step to go to meet new. Actually the new program in the Krivoy Rog State Circus "Golden Circus of Europe and Asia"!

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