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Monday, 09 May 2016 19:59

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dmitry Zeltcer!

With Day of Cooking want you to congratulate and certainly leave you in a gift 500 eskimo pies, or eskimo not pies, or even not 500, a more and all that will want. But...It will be hardly later, and while CONGRATULATIONS.
In this flowering lilac, fresh a green-leaf and affectionate the heat it is desirable to congratulate the May sun day you, our dear and respected person celebrating his the name-day, Dmitry Matveevich with Your New Year on Zeltcers to the calendar.
Of course, a large health, of course, many years an energetic and comfortable life, of course, love and respect. May - a time for new hope, inspiration, unique flavors and colors, spring colors and warm sun. And we wish, let it be you every day, hour, minute and moment of your life. Let all the May thunderstorm in your life will be short-lived, and after them there is more bright sunlight and overflows double rainbow !!! Let come true most cherished dreams and daring, and every day brings a new, vibrant and bright impressions!
Congratulations from Fakhriddin Akhnazarov:
"One day padishah, which was famous for its good works, a magician came and offered him three precious gift He said to him." My first gift - it's great! Be strong, powerful and immune to the all boleznyam.Vtoroy my gift - is forgotten fears, sorrows and troubles of the past. And let them not burdened your soul. A third gift - the gift of intuition, which is the magic code that tells the right course in life "A birthday I wish the gift of these three: good health, forgetting grief and fears and intuitions that would lead a happy life by.!"
In a horoscope about you the following is written: "People with a birthday on May, 10, present character of strong, feel legs individualists which are able to labour for considerable results in area of the basic professional activity. People, celebrating the day of the birth of May, 10, sign of zodikak little Bodies, very gifted personalities. They are materialists, however much it interferes with them to live by deep spiritual life. Born on May, 10 believe in a fate and its fatal predestinations, they feel instinctively, when it is necessary to walk ahead, and when - a bit to wait. They trust the intuition, and appear right."
But numerology: "As the number 10 being subjected to the natural addition of giving the number 1, that is symbol of the Sun, which are the root Cause or Creative Force, if you were born on this day, you are a powerful combination of the elements, which, if only to understand it properly and use should bring you great success. " In like! And who does not believe in astrology and numerology, let think about it, because all the above is pure truth. And let it be in your life - all good things!
        Let Guardian Angel will always be with you and goes ahead, and you after him!         And may God protect you!

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