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Friday, 15 April 2016 12:39

April 15, 2017 - World Circus Day

In 2010 year the first celebration in Europe under the auspices of the Association of Circus (European Circus Assotiation), which also introduced a holiday tied to the European circus day, first celebrated in 2008. This professional holiday of acrobats, clowns, trainers, jugglers, illusionists, athletes and other participants in circus performance with which we all heartily welcome. It was in 2010, ten European countries took up the idea of the celebration of the circus. With the development of the World Federation of Circus (Federation Mondiale Du Cirque) in Monte Carlo watching herself Princess Stephanie of Monaco, which initiated the creation of such a non-profit organization designed to promote the development and popularization of circus arts to the masses and to represent Circus on internationally.
On the purpose of celebration of the International day of circus there is development of this art in the whole world, in fact circus - it one of the oldest types of culture and art of many countries. A circus (from Latin of circus) - it not only (mainly) round building with an arena (by a riding hall) and tribunes for an audience. In a circus there are spectacles (what also name a circus) with musical accompaniment, which demonstrate force, courage, endurance and trade of circus artists. It a place for all generations is a favourite, in fact we come in a circus after positive emotions and unbelievable impressions.My applaud and shout for joy transfixed with fear and delight, laugh heartily and admire what is happening on the arena and this is all so and why art and circus created.

The first circus as we know it, was opened by Philip Astley in 1768 in London. It was the scene of a building with a round roof and dome shaped. First round in the circus arena was designed for horses, because there prevailed horse numbers. And it identified Astley circus arena diameter of 13 meters, through which equestrian created for optimal centrifugal force of the horse that gallops. And Philip Astley was the founder of the first circus dynasty. In 1782 in Paris was opened a branch of his theater. "Amphitheatre Astley" worked until 1895 and was one of the most popular entertainment venues in London the 19th century.

From the early 20th century circus performance structure changes radically. In circus clowns appear carpet and clowns - trainers. There was a safety net which allowed air quality stunts complicate gymnasts.For tightrope walkers an ordinary hemp rope of replaced is on more durable metallic rope, that similarly allowed to use more difficult acrobatic tricks on a rope.Technical revolution increased 19 ages attractions and numbers, based on the use of different technique are races for vertical lines, "flight from a cannon", different water enchanting spectacles and new tricks of magicians.

In December 1877 in St. Petersburg, the grand opening of the first in the Russian Empire, the stone building circus, and this circus buildings initiative belonged to the Italian rider and trainer Gaetano Chinizelli, head of a large circus family, after whom is named and our circus. In our time in Ukraine, stationary cirki is in many large cities, and it is Kyiv,Kryvyi Rih , Lugansk, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipro and Kharkiv..

But we will go back to celebration of the International day of circus, in fact the main feature of this holiday was become by tradition to arrange the days of the unclosed doors for an audience and eleemosynary actions, the troupes of circus are conducted by street presentations, carnivals and processions with participation clowns, acrobats, gymnasts, jugglers and other circus artists. And we congratulate all on a holiday, merriment, happiness and good to you!


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